Malaria Dreams

3 Nov

Aditi Raychoudhury. Malaria Dreams. Pen and Ink. Penguin. 1996.

I don’t have the record of the illustrations inside the book, which are of a mosquito, patiently chewing away at a Corinthian column, till there is nothing left but rubble.


About the Book:

‘Building a house for someone is like getting to know the person himself.’ In the course of his career, well-known architect Gautam Bhatia has designed innumerable dream houses for a cross-section of people. Some of these people had the most incredible suggestions and demands, and the writer uses these as a springboard to create a set of quasi-fictional stories involving bizarre people with equally bizarre plans and theories. We meet an eccentric Parsi millionaire who wants to run a ferry service between Bombay and the Maldives; a guru, snug in his hi-tech ashram, who prescribes Body Shop moisturizers for better health; an obsessive collector who wants a secret basement in his house for his library of first editions and manuscripts; and an NRI who wishes to shape his nostalgia into a hundred-thousand-dollar ‘caando’. At once thoughtful and funny, this collection of stories will only cement Gautam Bhatia’s reputation as one of India’s most imaginative and witty writers.

Title: Malaria Dreams And Other Visions Of Architecture
Gautam Bhatia

Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 1996
Publisher: Penguin
Number of Pages: 280



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