Its Never Too Late!

18 Jul

As research for some projects I have volunarily undertaken, I watched some movies on Vincent Van Gogh, and Paul Gauguin – artists who started painting relatively late in their lives. Neither of them were formally trained as painters. Yet, their brilliance shines through even in their earliest works (shown here).


Portrait of Aline (His Beloved Daughter), Watercolor on Paper.( Paul Gaugin, 1879)


Sorrow (Portrait of a Pregnant, Abandoned, Prostitute Van Gogh Had Loved), Lithograph. (Vincent Van Gogh, 1882)

It made me think that if one has faith (and talent), one is never too old to start anything – uhhhh… I take that back. 30+ may be too late to start dreaming about becoming a prima ballerina, or an Olympian gymnast, or pursue some other physically brutal career! But many artists, and writers started their craft relatively late.

Those who have been dreaming, of starting that little boutique, or changing careers – jump ship, NOW! Even if the water’s too icy, and the winds’ too strong… or else you will never know if that water really was deliciously warm. At least, that’s how I console myself – in my unemployed present, and an uncertain future.


One Response to “Its Never Too Late!”

  1. aninditakali August 7, 2007 at 12:33 am #

    dear a i read your sensory clutter. The photo of National geographic is very soothing to the eyes. i could almost imagine myself walking through the flowers
    its great
    so is you writing

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