What I DisLike About Hollywood and Bollywood

9 Mar

I watched HaraKiri, Au Hasard Balthazar, and There Will Be Blood within a few days of each other. I prefer not to be a snob, but have always been teased by my friends for not being big on watching movies that don’t carry English subtitles. I just need to say it once and for all – and will keep my peace from now on.. although I will continue to lean heavily on subtitled movies.

Why are even the grittiest, ugliest, fiercest, grungiest Hollywood, or Bollywood movies – such as There Will Be Blood – not devoid of a glamourous sheen? I am not referring to a little lustre but a supersized sheen – complete with grandiose crescendos and at least one picture perfect sky. Why do even those Hollywood or Bollywood movies that profess to be different from the mainstream romance, action, drama or song and dance sequence, not have the guts to break out of glamour completely?


One Response to “What I DisLike About Hollywood and Bollywood”

  1. fche626 March 16, 2009 at 5:54 pm #

    I agree. But, if they broke off from the mainstream completely, they would be box office failures… which sucks… I love great films, though, and I like glamorous movies as well ūüėõ

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