Why Sweat When You Have a Dress?

24 Apr

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring Dresses

3.1 Phillip Lim. 2008 Spring Dresses.

My usually unobservant husband had pronounced 2007 as “the year of the dress”, and how pleasing it was to see more women in dresses long before this article in the NYT.

As for me, I adopted the shift dress because they are uber-forgiving towards the unforgiving middle in my rapidly advancing middle ages… wish middle-aged guys with rapidly expanding middles could resort to a similar strategy and enhance the urban gloriousness that Shaw speaks of. Man-tunics, anyone?

“When, as Shaw wrote, “the warm weather comes” and the streets of the city were filled with women in shifts and shirtwaists and tunics and baby-dolls and sheaths, arms and legs bared, the effect they had on the urban landscape was a glorious thing.”


Long Live the Dress (for Now)


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