The Politics of Economy

12 Oct

I am enraged to hear the ongoing argument about tax cuts for big businesses helping the economy as a hardsell against Obama’s tax reform plan. I am not an economist, nor have studied the tax structure in great depth, nor can I say for sure that Obama’s tax structure is a win-win situation.

But what I can say with a great deal of confidence is that the last set of tax reforms have clearly shown us that bigger tax cuts for big business DO NOT help the economy. We are in the middle of an unending war, and we hear the word depression being thrown out with increasing regularity these days. One doesn’t have to be an economist to come to this conclusion. One only needs to be a US taxpayer and US resident for a few years to see this without a shred of doubt.

I fail to understand how ANYBODY well, that includes McCain-Palin) can be so ridiculously illogical to criticize the the Bush government, and yet refuse to accept that the last set of tax reforms (big tax cuts for big corporations) have not helped the economy at all!

I fail to understand why some people still believe in an ideology that has failed to provide jobs, or boost the economy – in short, a complete failure – over and over and over again. Or do they have simply too much spare change?

‘Nuf said!


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