The Bomb and The General [Version 11.04.2008]. The original ‘The Bomb and the General’ is a delightfully optimistic, anti-war children’s book – written by Umberto Eco (The Name of The Rose), and brilliantly illustrated by Eugenio Carmi (The Three Astronauts). It was published in 1989.

In Italian: By Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri, Bompiani, Sonzogno, Etas S.p.A.; and In English: By Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.

Version 11.04.2008 is a not-so delightful story about hegemony and insular faith. This version uses a few sections of the original text to pay homage to Umberto Eco’s story.

In this refurbished take, The General enjoys a life of ease and gluttony in the Land of Plenty-of-Juices, till he is compelled to seek God, during a moment of personal crisis. This pivotal encounter awakens in him an unshakeable passion to abide by God’s Testament. But his myopic obsession with The Testament clouds its original intent, and provokes an ominous future. Will the Jucians slumber through destruction and chaos or awaken to reclaim a peaceful world?

The Three Little Pigs: In this version of the famous tale, the Three Little Pigs, once they are no longer little, go out to find work and homes to live. The oldest, finds a modern concrete home, the younger finds a log cabin and the youngest makes a straw-bale house. The proverbial wolf, having lost his habitat to development, comes looking for food in the very suburbia he has lost his habitat to. Will the wolf huff and puff and blow the modern house down, or will he make a meal out of the piggy in the straw-bale house? Written in rhyme, this is a tale about sustenance and sustainability.

Stripped. Series of images, dedicated, to all those who have been stripped of their humanity – loss of identity, nationality, dignity, sanity, physicality, sexuality…


2 Responses to “Current”

  1. Anupam August 13, 2008 at 2:12 am #

    Dear Aditi,
    It is good to see that you have a positive outlook. You will continue to improve the world by whatever you do. You might want to read a book called ‘The story of philosophy’ – It can be understand only at our age. It is by Will Durant & i forget the publisher. Let me know if it is available in the US. It deals with issues of life and death and may have been controversial in the 60s when it was published.
    P.S. Hope that you are not living in the ‘Van Gogh’ story. May God bless us all.

  2. Luna August 13, 2008 at 7:01 am #

    Oh No! – Not the Van Gogh story! I love many things about that main – as you know he was my “main man” for a long time – LOL!

    But I can’t be as single-minded as him – I would much rather be with friends than art! Hence, not as unhappy!!! LOL!!

    Thanks for your suggestion – you have always had good ones – I will read the other book you recommended, too.

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